NFL player, Russell Okung now paid in Bitcoin

Almost two years after his tweet, “pay me in bitcoin,” 32-year-old National Football League player, Russell Okung’s salary will now be paid in bitcoin.

However, his payment in bitcoin is not in any way promoted by the National Football Association (NFL) or the Carolina Panthers, his employer.
Instead, the agreement is courtesy of a mobile payment organization, Strike.

Strike will get an immediate deposit from Okung’s team, the Carolina Panthers and thereafter, convert the paycheck into bitcoin after which it will be transmitted to a wallet kept by Russell Okung.

Jack Mallers, the founder of Zap, which created Strike, said Okung’s $13 million yearly salary will be split 50-50 between fiat and bitcoin.

Mallers also noted that some pro athletes, comprising unspecified members of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and baseball’s New York Yankees have started engaging into the program.

He stated that it is a huge deal that the company has established a means to permit anyone to get a percentage of their labour in bitcoin.

Okung’s conclusion to be getting paid in bitcoin might be a trigger for other athletes to capitalize in digital currencies especially with the cryptocurrency’s price repeatedly attaining unique highs.

About Strike

Without needing wallet, node, liquidity management or swaps, Strike allows for lightning payments with bank account or debit card.

According to Mallers, when Olympus, a lightning-enabled fiat ramp was introduced to enable users to buy bitcoin in their existing Zap wallet, it was the company’s response to how they progress lightning to their numerous users.

However, as they experimented, attempted, flunked and discovered, the product evolved to a tough four months of research and study which produced Strike.

Strike can be used to buy bitcoin by just generating an invoice from one’s existing wallet and paying it. After that, there will be less fiat in Strike and more bitcoin in the user’s wallet.

Strike can also be used to sell bitcoin by establishing a request in Strike and sending to it from the wallet. After that, there will be more fiat in Strike and less bitcoin in the user’s wallet.

In addition, Strike can be used for remittance payments and internet tipping. Strike commenced in private beta about a year ago and it can connect to any bank account through a routing number.

Okung as a bitcoin believer

Okung has always been a believer of bitcoin as he always makes it a topic of conversation both on social media and within his professional circle.

He also noted that an eye-opening moment for him was when he visited his ancestral home, Nigeria. He needed spare money after an expensive outing but his bank account in the United States would not honor his request for a wire transfer.

This, according to him, was what pushed him to bitcoin. Russell Okung said that the idea of bitcoin has always spoken to him in a type of way because at the end of the day, it boils down to being in control of one’s life.

He noted that he has long been unsatisfied with the absence of economic power that professional athlete, especially black athletes, presently hold.

While noting that him singing bitcoin praises has led to many celebrities following, retweeting and messaging him, he said he will continue to not only explain to people about bitcoin but also address them on how to explain bitcoin.

In a statement by Russell Okung, money is power and getting paid in bitcoin is the first stage of leaving the corrupt, manipulated economy we live in. He sees bitcoin as a way of getting financially independent.

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